Carro vacío
The Antarctic season starts in late November and continues up to March, that’s when most of the ships start coming back to Ushuaia ending the season.

The shortest voyages last between 10 and 12 days. Most of them explore the South Shetlands Islands (such as King George Island, Livingston Island, Deception Island ) where it is possible to see different kinds of penguins, seals such as leopard, weddell, elephant seals, and a great variety of birds. After exploring the Antarctic peninsula (places such as Gerlache Strait, the Neumayer Channel, Lemaire Channel and in the peninsula itself places like Paradise Bay, or other alternatives such as Paulet Island, Melchior Island, Cuverville Island, Neko Harbour, Portal Point, Petermann Islands) ships start sailing north towards the Drake Passage.

The longest voyages last between 18 and 20 days. Apart from Antarctica, they go to Malvinas Islands and South Georgia Islands. The Malvinas is an archipelago well known for its important role in the early whaling and sealing fisheries. It is home to different kinds of penguins, albatrosses, different kinds of sea birds, sea lions, seals, whales and dolphins. Puerto Argentino is the main settlement to visit. South Georgia Islands is home to an abundance of wildlife such as albatrosses, king penguins, seals, elephant seals. These islands are also historically important with artefacts of the whaling industry as well as Shackleton’gravesite.

All meals and non alcoholic drinks such as water and juice (in some ships coffee and tea too) are included, as well as the tours, which are the landings in zodiacs to see wildlife, glaciers, icebergs, etc. The lectures given by the expedition staff are also important in this kind of expeditions. They cover all aspects of the voyage, including ornithology, marine biology, geography, geology, history and the environment.

The most important items to pack when travelling to Antarctica are:

- A wind-water resistant parka and pants/trousers with some insulation which are worn over the regular clothes.

- Rubber waterproof boots, specially for the landings. Some ships provide them. If not, there is a place in Ushuaia where you can rent boots, parka and the rain pants.

- Gloves and hat.

- Sunglasses.

- Backpack.

- Protective lotion.

The last minute prices to Antarctica, are special prices that you can get here in Ushuaia, more or less 7 days before every departure. So, this is highly recommended for people that is in Ushuaia.

All voyages include:

- Shipboard accommodation with all meals.

- All shore landings and Zodiac excursions.

- Presentations and guest speakers.

- Rubber boots on loan for shore landings.

- Coffee, tea and cocoa around the clock.

- All service taxes and port charges.

- The rate doesn't includes beverages.

Remember, that sharing the room is possible, but first of all, we have to contact the Antarctic Operator and check the availability.

Cabins could be double, triple and quadruple to share, always sharing cabin with people of the same gender.

If we can confirm the space for you, you'll need to fill in different kinds of forms: Personal Information, Medical Information & Credit Card Form for payment. You’ also have to send to us a copy of your passport.

Another very important thing is that you will need medical travel insurance and special clothes for the landings. The insurance must cover evacuation + repatriation with a minimum amount for USD 100.000, and the clothes must be waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers and gloves.

Regarding landings, the idea is to disembark twice a day, but will always depend on weather conditions. The Captain and Expedition Leader decide which is the best route to take and do all the landings as possible.

** The itineraries may change depending on the weather and on the ice conditions.**

About the payment, the companies prefer credit card and at the moment they are not charging any extra fee (please, double check at the moment of confirmation).