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Catamarán de nuestra empresa, navegando el Canal Beagle


Our Catamaran sailing in the Beagle Channel


Seal's Island

   Approximate duration: 2:30 hs.
The tour start at the touristic pier " Don Eduardo Arturo Brisighelli ", throughout the coast of Ushuaia, having a view of the most important buildings, Maritim Museum (old prison), Museum of the End of the World, industrial area, installed from 1980, etc.
From this point, the landscape is a combination of sea and mountains, and the mounts Olivia, Five Brothers, the Fique and Túnel "estancias", and the Encajonado River can be seen.
The catamaran the sails to the middle of the Beagle Channel, towards the southwest, arriving to the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, at the archipelago that has the same name.
In one of these islands it is possible to observe pieces of the ship Monte Cervantes, which was shipwrecked in 1930.
Towards the Seal's Island, it is possible to observe the games of these peculiar sea mammals and in complete silence thecatamaran sails around the island during about 20 minutes observing its permanent habitat, it is a wonderful scene. Then the catamaran will go towards the Birds Island to see the Magellanic Cormorants, the Imperial Cormorants Imperial, the Giant Albatrosses, Petreles Fullman, Petreles, Squas and 20 different species of sea birds. Later, sailing through Paso Chico, the way back to Ushuaia, with a view of the beautiful frame that gives the Le Martial Mount and its glacier.

Faro Les Eclaireurs

Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse




Port Arias is located at Lapataia Bay, the place where our catamaran starts the tours. There we will embark in one of them to sail to the east towards Punta Tortuga, that will indicate the entrance to Lapataia Bay, to continue sailing by Ensenada Bay, the Redonda and Estorbo islands, Golondrina Bay and the Ushuaia Peninsula arriving to the Bridges archipelago, where a lot of birds and sea mammals are concentrated.
The island Alicia is famous because of the large Imperila Cormorant colony that inhabits it and we do not have to forget to mention the Seal's Island, where is possible to observe the two different species of these mammals.
Then we will sail towards the the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, from where we will initiate the way back to the city of Ushuaia, sailing alongside the south coast of the of Tierra del Fuego Island towards the west. In this zone Port Tunel stands out, old sawmill and "estancia", place visited by many differents scientists to study the "yamana" culture.
Entering the bay of Ushuaia, will be surprised by the wonderful view of the city and the Le Martiales mounts that surround it. The excursion finalizes at the touristic pier " Eduardo Brisighelli ".

Nuestro Catamarán en Bahía Lapataia

Our Catamaran docked at Lapataia Bay


Harberton (it includes penguin´s island)


The Catamaran departs from the touristic pier with Southeastern direction, sailing first in the Ushuaia Bay and with the frame of the capital of Tierra del Fuego to our backs. Already in the middle of the Beagle Channel, we will be with the archipelago where the Alicia is inhabited by an important colony of imperial cormorants. During the tour we will have the opportunity to observe the majestic Black Eyebrow Albatross, as well as Scuas and different kind of gulls, without forgetting the funny steamer ducks or Alakush.
Our navigation continues and we now went to the area of the Les Eclaireurs Archipelago. Here we visit the Seal 's Island to watch the two species of sea lions, typical of the channel (one and two hairs). On another islands a lighthouse was built and it has the same name as teh archipelago. It was indeed in this zone where Cruise Mte. Cervantes to sank in 1930.
Towards the east we will sail to Almanza Port (Argentina) and Port in front of Williams Port (Chile) to enter later in the area of the Mackinlay Pass to go directly to the Martillo Island to watch the elegant magellanic penguins.
The excursion continues now towards the zone of Harberton "estancia" where we will enjoy a short walk organized through this historical settlement. Once the walk is finished, we embark again to initiate our navigation back to Ushuaia sailing through the Guaraní Pass, passing by Almanza Port where some habitants are dedicated to the fishing of the salmónidos and king crab hunt.

Partiendo de Ushuaia a Harberton

Departing from Ushuaia to Harberton "Estancia"


Penguin´s Island

The sailing route is the same as the one to the Harberton "Estancia" with the difference that we do not visit the "estancia", sailing back to Ushuaia, without entering the Harberton Bay.
In this excursion we visit Remolino "Estancia", in whose coast it lies the hull of the cargo vessel and passengers Mte. Sarmiento. The old main house of this "estancia" was refaced, and in one of their rooms the history and recovered objects of this shipwreck are exhibited.

Pinguinera en Isla Martillo

Penguin Colony at Martillo Island


Puerto Remolino

This Fuegian "estancia" is located in the North coast of the Beagle Channel is second in antiquity in Tierra del Fuego. Remolino was granted to the family of John Lawrence in 1898 during the presidency of General Roca in gratitude to the cultural work developed by this family between the indigenous population from 1873. Remolino was refuge and source of work and cultural adaptation for the yámanas, shelk´nam, haush and their descendants from aims of century XIX until the decade of the 30 of the last century, in which John Lawrence passed away .
It is possible to enter Remolino by his port, where a ship that ran aground in September of 1912 in the North beach of its bay is now printed definitively in the landscape.
The best photographies of the virgin nature can be taken upon disembarkation in Port Remolino, then 40 minutes visit. There retorts of huts, harpoons and other instruments made by the "yamanas" can be observed. There everything is exactly like was, to natural size. we can see it and feel it in detail.
The visitor will be able to freely cross an interpretation footpath that, in short distance, will allow him to observe the flora of diverse fueguian atmospheres. This footpath of interpretation, properly described, offers scientific information on the different native species..
Depending on the date of visit it will be able to observe different kinds of natural flowers, from hectares of daisies to enormous extensions of subantarctic orchids. During the tour you will have a magnificent view of the Beagle Channel towards the east and the west. Also the Darwin mountain range could be seen, like drop curtain of bottom of a panoramic view of Ushuaia, the city with two bays.
He will be able to observe singular cases of our nature, as two trees of about 100 years of age that were born separated and soon they united his roots to form an only individual, to grandfathers of 300 years of age, representative of the first units of lenga that colonized this zone.

Although the main old building of the estancia is modified, the dining room Lawrence family's house was rebuilt, and there, information on the steamer ship sarmiento, after its shipwreck and images of how the "estancia" Remolino originally was when it received the ship survivors.
After many ups and downs and in very bad conditions, The (IFIC) , Fuegian Institute for Scientific Research, received the estancia to develope their Research. Your visit is an important support to the Institute. You can visit the estancia on the way to the Penguin Island.

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